Halloween 2010 – A week later

I’m a week late with the Halloween report, but we had an excellent weekend and of course there are pictures to share! Friday night started with a slumber party for Jihad.  Several of his friends came over and we had 5 pre-teen boys running amuck for 24 hours.  Poor Kaleya felt excluded at first, but I had a talk with all the boys (all of whom have younger siblings) and explained that they needed to not exclude her. After that, all was well.   One of Jihad’s friends, D, stayed with us the rest of the weekend.

On Saturday we met some friends of ours at a nearby mall for dinner.  D & Jihad got their face painted.

Our friends’ son was dressed as Batman for the mall trick-or-treat.  Isn’t he cute?

On Sunday, Halloween day, the kids went to a Halloween party followed by trick-or-treating.  Kalonji and I didn’t even get to stay with them since we had some unfinished business to take care of with our move, but I think the kids enjoyed themselves tremendously.  Kaleya was a ladybug.

Jihad and his friend were just plain scary. (Jihad is on the right w/ the bloody chest)

Group picture of some of the kids @ the party!

And the kids crash at the end of the night.

Oh – and of course I have to share something else.  My mother’s job had Halloween fun to and she was a serial murder (who was getting locked up and sent to jail)

complete with her own victim.

And, for the pumpkin decorating contest, her pumpkin was a serial murder pumpkin – with cereal inside (get it?)