Hanging Out at the Musician’s Corner

Yesterday, anxious to get the kids out and do something around town, I consulted Ms. Cheap’s column and found out about the Musician’s Corner event at Centennial Park. The kids love going to Centennial Park – we last went there in April for the Earth Day Festival. I particularly enjoy having the backdrop of The Parthenon. It makes for quite an impressive scenery.  The event itself was Tour de Fat’s travelling festival – Beer, Bikes & Amusement. There was definitely lots of beer (not that I drink the stuff), lots of bikes, and lots of amusement. But – it was all family friendly 🙂

Kaleya & Q post in very large picture frame

We wandered around a bit, Q climbed a tree, and we waited for the 2:15 Le Tigre showing.  LeTigre is a micro-vaudeville act – their tent only holds 52 people. It was entertaining for sure. The call guy (don’t know what else to call him?) was funny and interacted well with the audience while we waited to get in. The tent itself is decorative. Inside the tent it is quite cozy. Our show was that of Steinomite, a rapper character who actually had some cool celebrity wordplay in one of his songs :-).  You can catch some of his work on YouTube.

Q climbs trees
the awesome Le Tigre tent
my Queen of Hearts admission ticket for Le Tigre. They have 52 seats. Get it?

After the show, as we were walking through the park on our way to some of the amusement contraptions set up, we met Robin Williams! Kalonji happened to catch his profile as we passed by him and said out loud “Was that Robin Williams?” I was like, what? where? I turned around and saw him and we weren’t sure until we saw another couple go up to him and talk to him and shake his hand. Cool! So, we went over and I may have jumped the gun for I eagerly was like “Mr. Williams – it’s a pleasure to meet you!”  I then had to tell him that my mother was born on the exact same day he was (she’s been telling me this my whole life) and he said she shares good company. Ha! It was great. Then, Kalonji spoke to him and told him and we were able to get a picture. He was so nice! He is in town filming his latest movie.  When I was in grad school at UNC, he was on our campus filming Patch Adams – I think I remember getting a glimpse of him one day then, but this was way better 🙂

Robin Williams!

After that, the kids explored some of the activities that were in the park and we caught a performance from Yo Yo People – a husband and wife yo-yo expert team. They were great – funny & interactive.

Q and Kaleya with their heads in some kind of audio contraption
Yo Yo People perform

We then wandered over to Mickey D’s for some ice cream treats and came on back home. We later realized that we’d missed Here Come the Mummies though – dang it! Maybe next time.

Thanks to Musician’s Corner for a fun afternoon. We are looking forward to upcoming events!