He’s Here!

And my nephew is FINALLY here!!! My brother’s girlfriend delivered tdoay (if you didnt’ know, she had the same due date as me – October 5th.) My mother said maybe our babies thought that October 5th meant 5 days apart, as Kaleya is 5 days old today!

Check out the announcement I did for them. If you click on the picture that is on the page, it will lead you to more pictures. We are all so excited. I have not yet talked with my brother, but I’m sure they are all doing well. It’s funny, I look at their son and he reminds me of Kaleya – I think it’s the eyes. When I look at Kaleya, I see my mother’s eyes. Both my brother and I have our mother’s eyes, so he must have passed that along to his son. The baby has his mother’s nose though 🙂

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