How Did She Know That?

Me to Kalonji:  telling him how Jihad took the thermometer that is not intended to go in your mouth and put it in his mouth to take his temperature last week

Me to Jihad:  “Raise your arm. I have to put the thermometer in your armpit to take your temperature. And remember, this thermometer is made to go in one of two places.”

Jihad: “Where?”

Me:  “Your underarm is one place.  I bet you can guess the other.”

Jihad: “No, where?”

Kaleya interjects: “your bum-bum!”

HOW IN THE WORLD DOES SHE KNOW THAT?  Is it possible she remembers the doctor’s office doing that a few years ago to her? She couldn’t tell me how she knew that, but i’m floored! And, good think I’ve never used that particular thermometer for a rectal temp  🙂

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