I guess I do!

The consensus from all the comment leavers is that yes, I do look preggie 🙂 awww, aren’t you all so sweet. It’s fun to have a picture though, so I will probably take a few more towards the end of September to see if there are any changes.

Though it has been another busy week, I did manage to stitch quite a bit this weekend. I worked on Honkin Big CamSam and though this pic has a bluish tint to it, here it goes. As I am doing this four times larger than charted, the height of the design is just over 2 feet tall. But it’s fairly easy stitching.

Also, in family news, our pictures we took in June are back and of course I have to share! The pictures scanned in quite dark, so please forgive that.

All the boys
Kamau (9)
Miles (7 when we took this, but is turning 8 next month)
Jihad (5 when we took it, but he turned 6 in July)
Qacheyta (3)

Just think, next year there will be even one more! Also, I LOVE the pic of Kalonji and I, but that is already on our main page so I won’t repeat it here.

And then…. over the weekend I also became addicted to Neopets! Don’t ask why, it just happened 🙂 My sister sent me some of her neopoints and then I just got obsessed! Here is my neopet – Oren_Ishii2004. If you have one I’d love to see yours. Mine is named after Lucy Liu’s character in Kill Bill – I just love the name Oren Ishii.

5 thoughts on “I guess I do!

  1. Aww your boys look like they are going to be handsome devils when they grow up. Think they’ll like having a sister?!
    The stitching looks great as does your Neopet!

  2. Ok, when you finish that Cam Sam, I want to see a picture with something else for reference so I can see just how big that thing is! I can’t even imagine a 2′ tall Cam Sam! Wow! You continue to amaze and inspire me every time…stitching looks GREAT!

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