I Heard the Heartbeat!

This post is all about the baby 🙂

I had a midwife appt on Friday and I was able to hear the heartbeat! It was very surreal and brought tears to my eyes. I did read that the heartbeat is fast, but I did not expect it to be as fast as it was. In fact, it didn’t even sound like a heartbeat, it sounded like whooshes, but it was so exciting. Makes it so much more real.

The midwife also checked me out and informed me I had plenty of pelvic room to deliver a very healthy baby (could easily handle 8 lbs), so that was an interesting thing to learn. 🙂

And so, all continues to go well!

No stitching for me over the past week. I’ve been very busy around the apt. This weekend I was in atlanta visiting friends and tonite i fly out to Florida for my sister’s hs graduation. Maybe i’ll get back to stitching by the end of the week. 🙂

One thought on “I Heard the Heartbeat!

  1. Enjoy being pregnant. It is mind boggling that a life is growing in you. I enjoyed when the baby started to move and poking it back. It became a game between us. I sometimes poke my stomach now, but alas nothing pokes back.

    Cathy L

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