I met a US Senator today!

Today, at a meeting at a nearby medical college, I had a chance to briefly meet one of TN’s Senators — Senator Lamar Alexander — it was only a brief meeting, but it was still kind of neat — he was there with his "people" and then there was press there as well.  Sen. Alexander is also former governor to TN. The news was there, but since I don’t watch network television, I missed seeing the story — I wonder if I was on TV at all (mind you, I was really only present as an observer to everything — it’s not like I was part of the "action" at all! LOL ??

I’m still working on my chinese blessing gods although I think i’m ready to switch projects. I’ll probably move on to something else this weekend.

Over this past weekend, I watched several movies:
1) Lost in Translation — I really liked it. The ending had me wondering what happened, but as I read various online boards, I realize that was intentional. I hate endings like that — I don’t usually like being left to conclude a movie on my own!

2) Dodgeball — very funny. Ben Stiller cracks me up! I think I still like Starsky & Hutch better, but I could see adding this to my collection.

3) American Splendor — another very good movie. Paul Giamatti got acclaim for this movie and I see why. Kalonji is very into comic books and recommended this one to me and i did enjoy it. I plan on getting this for Kalonji one day.

4) Hero — this is becoming a favorite! Netflix may not get it back for awhile. It is very stylistically filmed and I just really liked the story. It also makes for great thematic stitching while working on my Chinese Blessing Gods.

And, I also went shopping this past weekend to buy some new clothes for work. My wardrobe idefinitely needed an update. I got several outfits and I think next month I’ll purchase more clothing. I may have to sacrifice on my stitching purchases for the next couple of months b/c I really need to pay attention to this now. I’m not a big clothes shopper, so I’ve never been good at buying for work — but as they say, you should dress for the job you want not the job you have right?

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  1. I love Lamar Alexander!! I got to meet him when he was doing the Presidential election speeches. My boys were with me and they drew pictures for him. He sent them Thank you cards for the pictures. I still have no clue how he got our address to mail the notes too.

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