I Think I’m Gonna Cry

My computer is giving me the black screen of death! Kalonji called me while I was in Philly to tell me he couldn’t get it to work and sure enough when I tried after I got home last night, no luck. I am afraid I may have to completely reinstall Windows XP and  hence, all the stuff I had stored on my harddrive is gone. I can reinstall all my programs that I normally use, but it’s such a pain to have to do it. What a pain — but I can’t even deal with it until next week…

I’m back home, had a great time in Philly. Had good food and had my first philly cheesesteak. Came home to a sick husband and daughter (they have colds) but all else is fine. Work was crazy today as of course I had to catch up!

Haven’t stitched very much in the past several days, but I’ll try to get a new pic up of Angel of Grace tomorrow. Today, Kaleya is 5 months old! and, tomorrow marks one year since we found out we were going to have her 🙂

One thought on “I Think I’m Gonna Cry

  1. Taneya,

    How about installing another hard drive, setting that one as master, resetting your current hard drive as slave and reinstalling the OS to the new drive? That way you will be able to retrieve all the information you have on the old drive, and you will end up with so much more space. Good luck!

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