I went subbing this weekend!

And finally got some stitching done! In addition to working on some of my coursework, I did feel focused enough to actually stitch this weekend. I stitched a little bit on TW’s Woodland Fairie (which I don’t have an updated picture of.. maybe next week after I make some more progress.) However, I spent most of my time working on Noah’s Submarine. As I was stitching it, I decided that this will be the piece that I stitch for my unborn child yet, so as of now, it is my main focus piece. The coloring is slightly off, but here is my progress [removed 4/18/04 for updated pic]

And this is where it was before. As you can see, I worked mostly on filling in the sub between two of the portholes. I have decided that 2004 will be the year of Noah’s Ark as this will be the theme for the baby. So, I’m on a hunt for NA patterns. 🙂

In older stitching news, last month, I started another design that I haven’t worked on since, but I finally put a scan up. It is Day by Maria Van Scharrenburg.