I’m at the Hospital

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I’m at the hospital now! I got here at about 7:30 this morning. I am hooked up to an IV, have received a small dose of Pitocin and am just waiting now (smile)
Kalonji will be here in about 2 hours or so, and all my work friends are making me quite comfortable! That’s the advantage of having your baby at the medical center where you work.

11:45am – my pitocin has been going for about 3 hours now and I am having contractions that I definitely can feel. and I may have to start my breathing soon. Kalonji just arrived too!

3:35 am– still no baby – this induction is taking awhile. I labored on my own earlier today from about 11:30-4pm. Then, the pain was really becoming unbearable. So, I started asking if I could get any relief. Got checked, was 4 cm dilated and they called the anesthesiologist for my epidural. It took them about 15 minutes to get it in, but it started working fast and it is great!!!! However, here I am almost 12 hours later and still only 7 cm dilated. The baby is not descending. My water was broken for me at about 11pm. I have just changed into an upright position and therefore can use the laptop 🙂 (i am really a computer geek) so had to do an update. They are hoping to take advantage of gravity to get her to descend more, so we will see what happens. I am not in any pain though, so at least that much is good.
Not sure when I’ll post again, but maybe with the next update there will be a baby to report on…

13 thoughts on “I’m at the Hospital

  1. How exciting! I’m glad you could have your work buddies with you. And that Kalonji will be there soon. Best wishes for a quick labor.


  2. You continue to amaze me. You’re in labor and you’re blogging?! Wow!!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you…everything will be fine!

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