I’m Fascinated

A couple of weeks ago, I finally brought my dear hubby into the smartphone era :-).   A visit to Verizon to check out our options led me to get us matching Samsung Fascinate Android phones.  Oh my!

I myself joined the smartphone bandwagon last November with my Motorola Droid.  I got the phone the day it came out and immediately fell in love with it and how connected I’d become by using it.  Having access to my email accounts and many other apps and features was excellent.   While I had not planned on getting a Fascinate, Verizon had a promotion of buy one, get one free, so how could I resist? I needed to get a phone for Kalonji anyway.

So, I succumbed.  And, I’m glad too.  I truly did love my Droid, but the Samsung is much lighter.  I thought I would miss not having the physical keyboard the Droid offers, but so far I don’t.   I like  the camera on the Fascinate better and the feature that has me most in love? The mobile 3G hotspot.  For $20 month I can get up to 5GB online usage by turning my 3G signal into a wi-fi signal.  This is perfect for me when I’m on the go.  Absolutely perfect!

My DROID is now in the hands of my father and he too is quickly becoming addicted.  I love spreading the love.  🙂

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