I’m going to be a Dr.!

Well, hopefully anyway! in lieu of repeating everything here, let me just refer you to my post on the TW Board. — however, the short version – I’m applying for a PhD program at the University of Pittsburgh in – the program is for Library & Information Science. So, I have been all absorbed in that for the past few days 🙂

Stitching wise though I have been working on TW’s Birth Announcement. I’ll scan in a picture of it and post it later. I didn’t do a lot, but enough that I feel like I’ve gotten something accomplished.

Did I mention that I was on the South Beach Diet? Well, Turkey Day makes two weeks and I have lost approximately 7 lbs! I’ll have to weigh myself again in the morning, but I’m happy to have even that. It’s not very hard at all and I have been combining it with exercise. If you care at all, I started a separate log for my weight loss so i can journal my progress. I’ve got over 100 lbs to lose folks! 🙂

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