I’m So Relaxed

This has been a wonderful and relaxing weekend. Not that I did much, but it’s been good anyway.

I only got a little bit of stitching done. I’ve been half-heartedly working on the geisha girl I’m doing from an issue of World of Cross Stitching. Here is my latest progress [link removed 1/31/04]

I got some bookshelves from my friend Melanie, so finally put them in place and put my xs stuff on them. I have lots of magazines so I finally have a place for them. Here is a a picture.

And, stash report!! I have gotten about 40 magazines this week 🙂 I got several issues of World of Cross Stitching from a lady in the UK, i got about 5 magazines from my LNS, and I bought almost 20 issues of magazines from my friend Melissa. I’m in heaven. 🙂

2 thoughts on “I’m So Relaxed

  1. The Geisha girl is looking great! Just wanted to let you know that you seem to have put a link to your admin page for the pic – you don’t want people going and uploading other pictures over it!!

  2. Hi there.

    just wanted to say that your link to me goes to a specific post. You’ll think I never update my blog!
    use http://www.scotlandsoftware.com/fiona/blog

    Love the Geisha Girl it’s coming along great. I wish I had as much storage space for my cross stitch stuff.
    I have a DMC travel Bag for my current project. I love it, you should think about getting one, if you don’t already!

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