I’ve got a crochet bug

I can’t remember if I posted this, but last month, I had an urge to crochet again after some friends were crocheting at my LNS. So, I get all excited about it and proceed to go home and start a scarf. I have done some crocheting before but I always have difficulty starting, so my scarf edges were very uneven. Uneven edges is a consistent problem of mine, so out of frustration, I put it down.

Well, last night, I decided I wanted to try again. So, my friend sat down with me and started a scarf for me, and also showed me how to start and and I learned what I was doing incorrectly. I was so thrilled! So, I went home and this time success – I crocheted 2 scarves last night!

They went fairly fast – the first one took about 2.5 hours. It is stitched using three skeins at once on a size Q hook – 11 half-double crochet’s across each row.

The second one only took about an hour and a half! This one is also on a Q hook, and is 10 half-double crochet’s across the row. Both scarves are around 60 inches long.

I am so thrilled at myself! However, I really have a strong urge to do an afghan. But, I need to make sure I can start with confidence, so I’ll probably practice some over the weekend.

Tonite – I HAVE to do the drawn thread on my sampler! My framer measured it last night and is getting all the materials ready so I can take it to her tomorrow for framing.

2 thoughts on “I’ve got a crochet bug

  1. You’ll certainly not go cold this winter!
    The scarves look great. I wish I could do crochet. I also wish that I could work that fast at my stitching 🙂


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