Japanese for Dinner

Instead of going to my stitching group tonite, I went out to eat with my friend and her family. Today is her daughter-in-law’s birthday and we had dinner at a Japanese restaurant here in Nashville. This is my coworker who has moved in with me to be with me since Kalonji is unable to during the last couple of weeks of my pregnancy and she’s informed me that I am not to leave her side! 🙂 So, I went out with her and her family tonite. I’m so glad they invited me along and the food was great!

Still no baby for me yet, nor for my brother. However, apparently his girlfriend is in the hospital right now being monitored. I don’t know much more, but we will see what happens. Meanwhile, since they were not going to, I did an online announcement template for them too! I think I would feel bad emailing all the family about my daughter’s birth without him doing the same since we’re having babies at practically the same time. So, since he’s not the type to be inclined to do it, I decided to do it for him! Here is the template I made for their announcement. I still have a few more details to get from them, but I also plan to make them a whole page for the baby.

Not much else to report. I still feel great and just anxious to meet Kaleya. I’m so excited for Erin who had her baby today! She and I were “due date sisters” so it’s neat that her son is here. Can’t wait to see a picture.

2 thoughts on “Japanese for Dinner

  1. You’re not being induced? Wow! That’s cool though! Your water will break and surprise you! Good luck and I’ll be thinking good thoughts for you!

  2. Hang in there! Your daughter will be here any day now! I love the website and the announcements! You’re so talented. Pretty soon there will be something to put on it! I can’t wait to hear all the details and see the pics!

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