Jihad Writes A Book

Jihad’s last day of school was Thursday – he’ll be moving on to 5th grade next year. Congratulations to Jihad!

From Early 2009

 This summer we have several things on the agenda for him to continue his learning – one of which invovles writing and helping expand his written vocabulary.  So, one of the ideas we came up with was for him to write a book that at the end of the summer, we will have printed and he can give to family & friends.  Who knows? Maybe he’ll be a famous writer some day 🙂

So, today we got started and he began writing up some stories he recently wrote. The plan is to do a short story every day in which he’ll incorporate a “Word of the Day.”  

Here is the author at work

From Early 2009

with of course, Kaleya to help..

From Early 2009

And, here is a sneak preview of the goodness that is to come!
Jihad Story Book

Now we’ve got to figure out a plan to work on his money skills.