Kaleya’s 1st Research Study

At the medical center where I work (Vandy), the staff often get emails of ongoing research studies as they look for participants.  Last week, one came in my inbox that piqued my interest – they were looking for 4 and 6 year olds for a study to understand language processing.  So, I signed Kaleya up.  🙂

We went yesterday and it took about 30 minutes.  The researcher showed Kaleya two videos of people talking about toys and then asked Kaleya some questions about what they saw on the video.  As I observed this, it was clear to me they were asking questions of Kaleya that she cognitively does not understand.  When I asked about it, the researcher informed me that yes, the trend they were seeing is that the 4 year olds do not “get it” and the 6 year olds do. So, it was highlighting the issue that something different was happening cognitively around that age.

From Early 2009

Then,  Kaleya was shown a picture of a robot and asked a series of questions.  Again, I could see that the questions asked were a little bit more than she could grasp.  But, throughout the whole thing, I was very impressed with how well Kaleya interacted with the researcher.   She was downright charming.  🙂

From Early 2009

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