Kalonji’s at it again!

Does he let the fact that he is out in the middle of the water stop him? No! 🙂

I received 12 beautiful peach roses today at work!

In stitching news, over the weekend I worked a little bit (maybe 2 hrs) on Autumn Queen. I had not touched her since October of 2002.

And, I spent most of Sunday working on World Peace Angel. This I will continue to work on tonite. Let me tell ya – it can be hard to stitch and try and keep up with the Superbowl too! but, I worked on this for about 7 hours or so and did most that green section along the bottom of her dress.

4 thoughts on “Kalonji’s at it again!

  1. What a sweetheart he is!

    I love the colours on both the Autumn Queen and World Peace Angel, but especially the colours on the WPA – such gorgeous colours! I’ve never really looked at that particular design before, but I’m liking it now! 🙂

  2. thank you all for the great comments. my man is great! 🙂

    Jennie – that’s exactly why i picked it, for the colors.

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