Kalonji’s Knowledge Korner

Can I just start by saying that I am so incredibly proud of my husband????!!!

In December, Kalonji decided to pursue his passion and founded his own non-profit agency, Kalonji’s Knowledge Korner.  The program will function as a summer and after-school youth mentoring program for our community here in North Nashville.   The first phase is expected to begin in June as Kalonji partners with friends & colleagues to offer a two-month summer program.

Over the past few months Kalonji has been actively working to getting all the pieces in place.  Part of that of course is a website.  We set up a basic site for the organization in January, but were never truly happy with it.  Well, over the past few weeks I’ve been redesigning the site and the new site is now live!


On the site you will find various aspects:

  • read the 4 Kornerstones page for an overview of the program framework
  • a blog where Kalonji will post from time to time with news & education/technology related news
  • a “Get Social”  graphic area to connect to his various online spots.   He now has a new Twitter account so while there is not much there yet we expect to get him up and running over the next several days
  • you can sign up for E-mail receipt of the blog posts if you’d rather it come directly to your inbox
  • and what would a non-profit organization be without the Donate option?

Yours truly is his webmaster and social media strategist.  However, my master plan is to teach Jihad how to use all of these technologies so that he can eventually take over.  Admirable goal for a 12-year old huh! I’m also going to be helping with the incorporation of genealogy & local history research with the kids as a way to promote information literacy.  No surprises there right? 🙂

Kalonji also spoke at Cumberland University last week for their Black History Month Vigil – read his blog post about it.  We hope you will continue to stay abreast of his activities and let us know if you have thoughts, suggestions, and/or ideas for activities & collaborations.