Kreinik Class

Last night I went to a class taught by Doug Kreinik! It was extremely interesting and we got to leave with samples of all the different types of thread that Kreinik makes. Doug had over 300 models that he passed around as he described all the different ways to use kreinik, optimal stitching tips for the different weights and just in general, many different ways to use them. He also mixed in some history about the company, his family, thread in general (specifically silk) and some other interesting tidbits. I really enjoyed it. My LNS owner hosted it as we had so many shop owners in the area this weekend (Yes, I’m in Nashville!). So, about half the class were shopowners. I would definitely recommend it.

Stitching wise, I had a good weekend (albeit not as productive as I would have hoped). I went over to my friend Melanie’s house on Saturday and as we and Melissa stitched we watched Season 4 of Sex and the City. While there I worked some more on my Spanish Sampler from Treasures in Needlework and New Zealand. On Friday and Sunday evening I was able to put in some more time on Queen of Egypt.

I should be able to get in some stitching time tonite and I’m leaning towards Queen of Egypt. I picked up some of the Achor Marlitt it calls for. While I’m not a fan of rayon, I figured I would give it another try.

4 thoughts on “Kreinik Class

  1. Wish I could have been there. I miss you guys so much. Wasn’t Doug’s class fun? I took his class at Myrtle Beach one year. Did you get to see the glow in the dark pictures?

  2. Hi Taneya…glad you enjoyed the Kreinik class. I went to one about 2 years ago and it was great. Doug is really nice, I learned a LOT…

    Congrats on getting into the U of P…WOOHOO


  3. Do you wet your rayon before working with it? That’s the only way I’ve found to tame it. I cut a length, wet it down and thread the needles. When it’s dry after that, it’s so easy to handle and work with.

  4. you seem to have got work done on lots of projects. It will be great to see them all coming along and starting to look like what they are supposed to look like. I’m going through a huge stitchathon myself. I just want to stitch all the time.

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