Lesson Learned

Learned a lesson this weekend — it’s hard work packing and assembling furniture when you’re 7 months pregnant!

I did not stitch very much at all this weekend, maybe 3 hours total at best. I was rather busy packing and cleaning up in preparation for my move in early september to a larger apt. I’ve already started b/c I know i need to get as much done as early as I can b/c come late august/early september, i will not be in any condition to do it! So, along that realm, I finally assembled a desk I got from a coworker a few months ago b/c it helped me reorganize, tidy up and pack certain items as I relocated my computer to it.

Then, I bought a small entertainment center and assemble it too yesterday. I was initially going to wait until I moved to buy it, but then, given that I’ll be 9 months when I move, I KNEW i was not going to be able to assemble it then. So, I did it yesterday. Took me over 3 hours to put it together and now my joints all hurt from all the sitting on the floor, screwing in nails, etc. I can definitely tell that my body is “looser” now that i’m pregnant! As a result, I now get to experience the joys of sore hips and sore hands today. I gotta get packed asap and get it over with. I’ve had people offer to help me pack, but I decline because that is such a personal thing to me — I’m not sure I want others all up in my stuff like that 🙂 so, that just leaves me myself and I to do it.

Oh, but as far as stitching goes, I do have a stash report! I received three issues of Cross Stitch Gold that I acquired from the bay of evil not too long ago and I was drooling!! they are lovely! I LOVE this magazine! I can’t find it in town anymore, so I definitely have to keep my eye out for the new issues via their website, or otherwise, go ahead and get a subscription. But back to the mags I received (issues 21, 21 and 23) — I was particularly excited by a few things:

1) Maria Diaz has a series of four art nouveau ladies that I must stitch. They are too pretty. So far, there have been two published — Spring Beauty and Summer Beauty.

2) Sue Page has another geisha design that I must stitch

3) Then, in one of the issues, they started a series of cat designs in these beautiful and bold colors. The first one is in an issue I don’t yet have (Issue 22) but will be backordering – it is the Colorful Night Cat. And, the second one is okay, but I really want the third one which is coming out in the next issue.

So, if you are in the UK and can hook me up with a monthly trade for this mag, do let me know! There really is just not enough time in the day to stitch everything I want to.

Now, if you’ve read all this, I’m sure you won’t mind reading a little more. Here is a pic of Kalonji & I. We took it last month and while I still have yet to get the pictures picked up, they did give them to us on disk — but the quality is not that great. Once I get the real pics in, I’ll scan them and put them on our main website. But I just love this picture and think it is too cute!

3 thoughts on “Lesson Learned

  1. The picture of the two of you looks good. Please, please be very careful while packing.


  2. Aren’t those Art Noveau ladies just beautiful!? I went on about these a little way back in my blog, and had to backorder the issue with the Spring lady, as we don’t get these magazines in New Zealand (I had bought the issue with the Summer lady in New York recently).

    Is the Geisha design the one that looks like a stained glass window? I found that by going through the other magazines you had listed as the link didn’t lead to it. I must have that too!

    And you take care of yourself too — be careful with all that lifting and packing!

    Very cute pic too btw. 🙂

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