Live Blog: Here Come the Tornadoes?

5:40pm – home now. seems the storms are passed for good. gonna stop the live blog now 🙂  Here is a puddle we saw leaving campus.

4:43pm – 1st round gone, but 2nd wave coming.

4:33pm – back upstairs from the basement. Shuttles were all parked in the circle at work.

4:05 pm — the weather Was right on top of us. Am in the basement at work.

3:50pm – well, here’s a bright spot to my afternoon – Kaleya’s monkey from a school project.  Still waiting to go to the basement at work. Sirens going off at work.

3:38pm – the job just announced we are in “Standby” for the tornado.

3:30pm.  — This movie is part of the reason why I am scared of tornadoes.

3:15 pm

3pm – Okay – so, I am a bit freaked out right now. We have tornado activity (or very possible tornado activity) headed towards Nashville right now. Thought I would live blog it as I am tracking all that is going on.

  • cells on the other side of Memphis are what is coming our way; activity southwest of us in Lincoln County has hook echoes and at least one report of a funnel touchdown
  • The Weather Channel has reporters in town now prepping for the coverage. Not cool. Check out their spot – they can see downtown Nashville.
  • Kelli says this reminders her of the earthquakes
  • oh! brand new tornado warning to the west of Nashville – storms travelling 70mph