Lots to report

Have some more to report!

First, back when Kalonji’s ship was en route to California, they went through the Panama Canal. Every seaman that goes through the canal is presented a certificate called The Order of the Ditch. I took Kalonji’s in tonite to get framed. You can’t see it that well in this picture, but once it is framed I will take another.
Order of the Ditch.

Then, tonite at my LNS we had our party – we did a white elephant trade. We all brought gifts that had to be something around the house that we didn’t want anymore. Then, we each got to pick a gift. Well, after the 1st person, each person thereon had the option of stealing a gift from someone else, or opening a new gift. I got a bag of stitching goodies out of the deal and took a pic.

I also picked up my framed Pearl. I stitched this for my friend Betty and was able to give it to her tonite. Here it is framed:

Here is a pic of Betty with it.

I also picked up some materials that I needed to continue working on the LL angel freebie I’m working on. As soon as I get off of the computer tonite, I am going to work on her some more. I’ll post a new pic again tomorrow.