My Birthday

We gon’ party like it’s my birthday!!!!!! 🙂

Yep – It’s my birthday. July is full of birthdays for us – among both family and friends.

  • Jihad turned 10 on the 8th
  • I have several co-workers whose birthdays fall within the first two weeks of July
  • My step-father and I share our birthday today
  • My mommy’s is later this month

4 thoughts on “My Birthday

  1. July is full of birthdays and an anniversary for my family as well. My granddaughter just turned 1 on Monday – she was born 07/07/07 – her mother’s BD is the 10th, the 15th is my 36th anniversary and also my BIL’s BD. Another BIL’s BD is on the 17th and my sister’s BD is on the 27th.

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