My Coworker is in labor!

I don’t think I’ve posted this before, but one of my coworkers is also pregnant. Her due date was Friday and we live literally right next to each other (in the same apt complex, bldgs are adjacent). So, I was running late for work this morning as I had to take Isis to the vet. As I called my boss to tell her I’d be late, she asked me if I had talked to my coworker (we will call her M). So, I went over to check on M and she was sure enough having contractions – they were about 7 minutes apart or so, but she was not yet ready to go to the hospital. I told her to call me when she headed there and about 2pm CST she called and was on her way. I have not heard back from her yet (it’s almost 5pm now) but who knows… baby could be here, but it is certainly on the way soon if not yet!

I’m really excited for her b/c we’ve been able to go through our pregnancies together. It’s nice that we live next to each other, so I think we’ll be helping each other out a lot now. Maybe I’ll get to share a pic of her little girl, but I’ll have to ask her before doing that of course 🙂

So, why was I taking Isis to the vet? Well, I think Isis is upset about the move/baby. Last week, I came home to find she had urinated in my bed. Not pleasant! Then, two nights ago, she did it again – except this time I was in the bed and she urinated on me! So, I have basically kicked her out of my room now, which made me sad, but when you wake up at 2 am with cat pee on you, it can be quite frustrating! So, I took her to the vet today so I could make sure there was nothing physically wrong with her. The vet could see she was stressed just by being there and when I went into the history of our recent move, baby coming soon, keeping Isis out of the baby’s room, etc. the vet was quite sure it was behavioral and not physical. Isis’ color was good, she was not dehydrated or anything. So, the vet prescribed her anti-anxiety meds and I got some super strength stuff to remove the pee odor from the bed (which I don’t smell, but I’m sure Isis can). I figured it would come to this. Isis is pretty much a high-stress cat anyway, and this probably is just sending her over the edge. Poor baby. 🙁

2 thoughts on “My Coworker is in labor!

  1. Oh, I’m so sorry for Isis. I hope she settles into the transition soon. Let us know how your coworker is doing! Hope her little bundle of joy arrived safe and sound.

  2. Sorry to hear about the kitty problems. We once had a cat that had the same kind of issues. Nothing wrong with her physically, but she would decide to urinate in unacceptable places. She’d go along using her box for weeks, then suddenly just decide to pee in the kitchen. I woke up to find her peeing on me in bed, too.I tried every kind of litter available. We tried medication. Unfortunately for us, we had to give her up. We tried for 2 years to make things work. I hope things work out better for you and Isis. (Sorry, not trying to depress you. LOL Don’t forget to bring home some article of baby clothing from the hospital that smells like the baby for the cat to sniff before you bring home the baby. Good luck!)

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