My Morbid 4-year old

I went to Walgreen’s the other night. Kaleya sits behind the driver’s seat and as I was getting her out, the car in the spot behind me and one spot over was about to leave. So, I had pretty much already had her out when I saw this, so I held tightly right next to me so she couldn’t move and I said, “Kaleya, stay right here next to me, don’t move.”

Then the car left and Kaleya says “Mommy, why I have to stand right next to you?”

Me: “Because there was a car there and I wanted you close to me so it doesn’t hit you”

Kaleya: “Oh, so it won’t make me dead?”

Oh, that made me laugh! Then, as I was telling the story to Kalonji later that night, Kaleya started elaborating, saying that if the car rolled over her it would make her dead.

Morbid huh???? She’s just like my mother!