New Apartment!

We have a new apartment today! I went at lunch to go sign the lease and I am utterly excited. Official moving day is Saturday, so no stitching will be done by me until next week. However, for the past few days and over the weekend I did work on Madonna of the Garden. It will be awhile before I have an update pic though.

We are moving across town to a larger and more well-lit apartment. And, I am especially excited about the bay windows in the living room. Here’s the floor plan.

6 thoughts on “New Apartment!

  1. Wow it’s looks amazing!
    I’m moving on Sunday into student halls. my brother and his wife are moving on Saturday too. I know a few other people who are moving too. “Shift your butt September” seems to be the theme 🙂
    Good luck with the move!

  2. Wow, it seems like you just moved into your current place! And do I see a fireplace? The new place looks great and I hope you share to pics. I love looking at houses and apartments.

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