New Hobby?

Over the past few days, I’ ve been thinking that I may want to learn how to scrapbook — i’ve been looking at more of them lately and it’s a great way to preserve memories. I already have a couple of projects in mind. I have a box full of stuff from elementary to high school that would make a good candidate for a scrapbook. I also have old family photos that I would like organized.

For example, I have this picture of my grandmother’s high school graduation class. She is the second girl from the left in the first row of girls  – this picture is from around 1942-1944 i think? I’ll have to double check.


And, I have a picture of same grandmother with her mother from around the sixties. My great-grandmother died in 1991 and I only have one memory of her from when I was very young. I don’t think I saw her at all after 1980.


Here is a picture of my mother from somewhere around 1975


and, yours truly at 3 months old , somewhere around October 1975


That’s a span of four generations, and now with Kaleya makes 5. Wouldn’t that make a great page in a scrapbook??? It would also make it close to being a candidate to stitch Mother’s Tree   –  I do know the names and dates of my great-grandmother’s mother and grandmother!

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  1. I have been scrapbooking for 5 years now. It rocks! My best buddy Lisa ( LB in my blog links ) is going to be a Creative Memories consultant. Yahoo!

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