New Project (yet again)

I think I must suffer from some sort of chronic disease to continually start new projects or something! LOL.  I got the urge on Friday to start a new project and dug around in my stash until I found one. I also had a great fabric for it, so on Christmas Eve, I started Pinn Stitch’s Chinese Blessing Gods. This design is of three gods, Hok (who represents good fortune, wealth & prosperity), Lok (who represents good health, success, family happiness and mutual love) and Siew (who represents longevity and long life free from stress and obstacles). The design is supposed to be placed in a place in your home where you can see it soon after entering, but not in any bedrooms b/c these places of rest are unsuited to the active energies of this trio.  I am fascinated by this design and the colors are fun so far. Fortunately, having 4 days off from work has allowed me to get in plenty of stitching on it!


4 thoughts on “New Project (yet again)

  1. Wow! Your needles have been smoking! This is going to be a really cool piece. I’m trying to resist the start-something-new urge myself. Keep us posted!

  2. Very nice…….wait till you get to the faces, you will love stitching them! I am just finishing up Mermaid Heaven and started the Eight Immortals. I love them both. Great Job!

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