Nostalgia on Steroids

Day 5 of our vacation (Friday July 12th) was dedicated to some family history.  Each year growing up, my parents moved a lot and as a result, I lived in a different place each year from K-5 and I went to a different school each year also. We were living in Greensboro, so since I was going to be in town visiting my father, I decided to document each house/apartment and document each school.  Then, I will create a page on my Genealogy Blog for each year and document where we lived, where I went to school and any other notable memories from each year. I can’t wait!

Now, knowing where we lived took some extraction from my parents. 🙂 It has been 27 years since they first moved to Greensboro. They pegged the locations of our homes, and I remembered all my schools. I then plotted them all on a Google Map.

map of all my homes and schools in Greensboro from 1980-1985.

After plotting them on the map, I set out to go from place to place. While I didn’t get the exact locations of some of our residences, I feel my quest was quite an accomplishment. I am looking forward to creating my pages.

Then, after doing my city escapade, I had a chance to meet a cousin of mine that I’ve never met. He is a physician and practices in downtown Greensboro so I went by and we chatted for about 30 minutes. His mom just turned 100 years old.  He is actually a double cousin of mine, as his parents are both related to me. I was glad I was able to meet him.

I had a busy but productive day. Kaleya just came along for the ride and enjoyed the evening watching Disney shows.  Another great day down.



2 thoughts on “Nostalgia on Steroids

  1. HI Tneya, It sure sounds like a great trip you just ended. So happy for you. I would love to meet you in person someday. Your friend, Georgia Krause

    1. Hi Georgia – I’ll just have to plan a trip to the St. Louis area then and perhaps we can meet :-).

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