NS Milestone

I’ve reached another milestone on the sub – as of today, all of the stitching for the water itself is done!! i am so thrilled. That’s a lot of blue you know 🙂 I don’t have a new pic, but if you look at my current one, the water part that is missing was the crest of the waves. So, that’s what I’ve worked on the past couple of days and then finished earlier this afternoon. I did realize that I made a mistake in my waves though — they are supposed to have pink highlights, but b/c I wasn’t paying close enough attention, I stitched more light blue than it called for instead of the pale pink. Oh well – you can still tell they are waves.

So, I feel rather proud tonite. I am going to continue to stitch on this when I can thru the week, so I should have another progress pic by Friday or so.

Okay — gotta go back and watch more Olympics!

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