NS Picture

Thanks to everyone who has left comments for me over the past few posts. I have not replied to everyone individually, but i do appreciate them!

Here’s my updated pic of the sub.

And, I even took a close up pic of my first completed animal – the walrus!

I will continue to work on Camelot Sampler tonite.

Last week (or maybe the week before that) I was on my way home, not too far from work yet, and ended up behind a black car that had a license plate that said “xstchr”. I was too thrilled! I couldn’t get a glimpse to see who was driving the car, but I was too tickled. Well, this morning as I am walking from the garage to the library where I work, I saw the car again, but parked this time! Now that I know there is someone else who works here at the university and has a tag such as that and i know where they park, would it be weird of me to leave a note – you know, from one stitcher to another – just to say hi? I almost did it, but then thought the person would just think i’m weird 🙂 should i do it if i see the car again?

4 thoughts on “NS Picture

  1. I think it’s so cute how you can see the shapes of the animals that are underwater. I remember when I was doing my Dolphins Domain that I left the dolphins till last and it looked really cool to just have the shapes when everything else was filled in. Makes it so much easier to do the animals that way too because you can see how much space you’ve got.

  2. You should leave a note, think of how cool it would be to stitch on your lunch time with some company! I wish I knew another stitcher in person. All my stitching buddies are you lots with blogs. I’ve never actually met another stitcher!

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