Our Valentine’s Weekend

Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Weekend! Ours was pretty nice.  On Saturday, Kaleya traded a small present with one of her buddies.

Kaleya trades Valentines

On Sunday, we ventured over to our favorite meat & 3 place here in Nashville – Harper’s restaurant.  It’s owned by Paul & Thelma Harper and we go there at least once a week it seems.  On Sunday evening they hosted a Valentine’s Dinner and featured a local band to play the evening – BlackDiamond.

The kids came along with us for we celebrate with the whole family ya know. 🙂

advertisement for the band
Kaleya hugs Jihad
the trio at dinner

We had a nice evening.  I did not get any pictures of the band but you can learn more about them at www.blackdiamondmusic.net or follow their new Twitter account.