Ready 4 School

It’s August and the start of a new school year!  Today was the first day of school for the Kaleya & Jihad.  Of course, Jihad’s well experienced in this, but this is Kaleya’s first year as she is entering kindergarten.  How quickly they grow up.  Of course I had to take a few pictures this morning 🙂

showing off the Disney Princesses backpack
who has school spirit? (more like school rocker spirit?)
Kaleya in the classroom

4 thoughts on “Ready 4 School

  1. Rock on Kaleya! Your Aunty Annette will be so proud that you can do the Rock band salute! LOL

    Taneya – congratulations, Mama! You sure have done a great job with those 2 cutie pies. We remember them when… 🙂

  2. Absolutely adorable!! Kaleya has “the pose” down pat and both look so grown-up (too soon). I hope they enjoy every day as much as they look like they are enjoying the first day. Congratulations on having such terrific kids.

  3. Great beginnings start with this very first day of classes. All the best to Jihad and Kaleya!


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