Reflecting Back

Well, today I was only able to stitch for a little over two hours. I ended up working most of the day as I had to crunch some numbers at work. I did work on Tapestry of My Life though. I have not scanned it in yet as I didn’t think I had enough progress to see a huge difference, but keep this pic in your mind –[edited 10/28 — newer pic in later post]

But, with all the number crunching at work, I decided to take a look at my stitching statistics over the past couple of years to see where I was at. I was curious to know if I had spent as many hours stitching this year. This is what it looks like so far.

Month 2001 2002 2003

99.44 108.21 81.77

95 71.89 69.25

87.16 40 93.34

86.23 96.25 73
May52.4 53.5 98

84.1 73.25 63

69.98 74 54

52.4 63.5 95.5

27.5 79.75 84.25

40 108.5 70.25

86.37 58.5 N/A

42.78 57.5 N/A

823.36 884.85 782.37

You know, it’s funny how I can look at these numbers and see a direct correlation with what was going on in my life. See that dip in September 2001? That was when I started seeing Kalonji. Funny how a new relationship can just absorb all of your time! But, it picked back up after that. The dip in March 2002?? Kalonji was home for 2 weeks. Same deal. 🙂 And then, this summer – June & July – I was again very busy. My sister was staying with me, so every weekend we were off doing something, then Kalonji came home again for two weeks and we had the boys.

But so far I am on track. At this point in the year, I have stitched more hours than I did at this same time two years ago. My goal is to break 900 hours this year. Next year, I want to break 1000 hours of stitching in one year. There are 8760 hours in one year. If I stitched for 1000 of them, that is equal to 11% of the year. So, when I tell myself I’m stitching half of my life away – I’m really not. 🙂 (Edited to add — Assuming 8 hours of sleep a night, and 45 hours a week at work — that really only leaves 3590 stitchable hours in a year — so if I made it 1000 then I’d be stitching a third of my life away!)

So there is your numbers lesson for the day. I’m off to bed!

2 thoughts on “Reflecting Back

  1. That’s fascinating, Taneya. I just started rotating my projects so it will be interesting to see how much time I spend as the years roll by. Hmmmmm………since I’m retired, I may be able to get to a thousand hours next year myself!! Although probably not. Don’t think I’m as organized as you are. Love seeing your progress on your geisha.

  2. Ok Taneya, and I thought I was nerd!! Just kidding!!! LOL! That’s awesome that you’ve kept track of all your hours. If I would’ve done that you would see a drastic drop whenever I was pregnant. I was so tired I couldn’t do anything but lay on the couch and watch TV! 🙂

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