Six Weeks

Today, my six weeks maternity leave is over and I am back at work. The time has passed very quickly and it almost seems as if I never left. I took Kaleya to daycare this morning for her first day there and I am sure she is in great hands. I plan to call in a minute to see how she is doing. 🙂

Our Thanksgiving was wonderful! We went to visit Kalonji’s grandmother (Kaleya has her middle name), his father, stepmother, and his sisters. Kalonji’s sister has a 7 month old boy, so as with my parents, his  father got two grandchildren in one year as well! We had a good time visiting and everyone of course loved Kaleya. I will get pictures up from our trip within the next few days.

And I continued to work on Cape May Street. I did not stitch as much as I thought I might while we were out of town, but I did get a lot done. I’ll also get a new progress pic of that later on.

3 thoughts on “Six Weeks

  1. Sorry you had to go back to work so soon. 🙁 The first day back was hard for me too, but soon you’ll be cuddling that beautiful baby again! Hang in there! 🙂

  2. It’s so hard to go back to work. As time goes on, it will get easier. You have a beautiful family. I’ve followed your blog for some time. I linked your blog to mine under “stitching blogs I read”.

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