Slavery & Christianity

This week, Kalonji, the kids and I, stopped by the Harambe House for a book signing by Rev. Dr. Marlene L. Garland-Hill.  It was such a pleasure to meet her- she is a very warm and nurturing person. Her book. Slavery & Christianity, is the result of research she conducted in Ghana and other places overseas about the role that Christianity played in the slave trade.  She has traced her ancestral origins back to Ghana, and is professionally involved and connected with business and organizations there.  She spoke at some length about her drive to enable people (especially children), to experience a trip to Ghana and has ongoing efforts to facilitate trips there for the Pan African Festival, or PANAFEST.

Jihad & Kaleya w/ Dr. Rev. Marlene L. Garland-Hill.

Dr. Garland-Hill signed her book for the kids and it was a very inspired inscription.   Visit her website to learn more about her and her efforts.  While we can’t make it away for a trip to Ghana this year, I do believe it on Kalonji’s wish list for one day!