Started the South Beach Diet Today

No stitching news tonite as I have not been stitching. What has been going on with me though is that I started the South Beach Diet today. There is a group of us doing it at work so we can keep each other motivated. I’m excited about the prospects of it, but I’ve told myself that I’ll do Phase I for three weeks and see where I stand.

So far though, so good. At the end of my first day I feel like I’ve eaten A LOT of food – but I’ve only had 1100 calories today, and only 8% of my caloric intake has been from carbohydrates. I’ll report on my progress again in a week and let everyone know how I’m doing. I’m not weighing myself as I have a pretty good idea how much I weigh and I don’t want the temptation of weighing everyday either. My “measure” will be how the bridesmaid dress that I wore in my friend Sara’s wedding will fit me at the end of the three weeks — i’ll see if it fits any better 🙂

As for stitching I have a trip coming up this weekend! I’ll be going to Pigeon Forge, TN for a weekend stitch-fest with some ladies from TN & NC. I have not been to Pigeon Forge and I’m looking forward not only to the scenery, but to some dedicated stitching time too!

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