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My Favorite Workout Video EVER!

OMG. Last night I found my favorite workout video ever on YouTube! It is by Gin Miller and it is a Reebok Step Aerobics workout. The video is actually posted by Reebok themselves – they get my props for that!

When I was in college, Emory had a physical activity requirement, so every semester you had to do some sort of PE class. I appreciated that because it kept me physically active. By the time I graduated from college, I’d lost weight, gained some muscle and was about two sizes smaller than when I started school. It was great!  Part of my routine centered around this video. My senior year (1992-1993), I purchased this VHS tape, got a step, and did this workout at least three times a week. I absolutely love step aerobics!

So, in light of my recent efforts to increase my physical activity, when I found this video last night I was excited! I just finished doing most of the workout and I still love it. I had to do it with modifications though as I don’t even own a step. But, even doing it on the floor was enough to get my heart rate up there for awhile. I did about 30 minutes of it and couldn’t even do all the arm movements the whole way through. Yep, I have some progress to make, but I am just thrilled to get restarted.  If I can do this twice a week in addition to my walking on my treadmill desk, I should make great headway soon. 🙂