Thanks to everyone that has posted and/or emailed about our news. 🙂 I’m still not stiching any, so this will be just a very general post about life.

However, I do have some stitching news. Hazel offered to take over the virtual-stitcher site for me. She will be renaming it, but at least it will provide a way for people to share their pictures without having to worry about the technical business behind it. If you’re interested, contact her!

I have been doing more reading. I never posted, but I finished Geisha: A Life about a month ago. I really enjoyed it an unlike Memoirs of a Geisha, this one is an actual autobiography. It says in the book that she was the inspiration for Memoirs of a Geisha. And, Hazel is sending me another geisha book she has recenlty read. Therefore, if I’m not stitching a geisha, at least I can read about them right?

Then, I next read Executive Privilege by Jay Brandon. This is a book that Kalonji got for me and is similar in style to John Grisham. Except, IMHO, Brandon is a more clever writer. This was a very entertaining book and I think it would make good material for a movie one day. So, I started another one of his books yesterday – this one is called Local Rules.

So still, no stitching, but I am feeling more caught up with life. I’m making progress on getting all my coursework done, and work isn’t feeling as overwhelming these days. I hope to actually get some stitching in this weekend, not a lot, but maybe a few hours worth. And, I also have some scans to make of the last time I stitched that I never put up, so at the least, I’ll do that.

And pregnancy wise all is well. I feel perfectly fine excpet for the fatigue and I have my first appt with the Vanderbilt midwives on the 19th.