The Godfather

History was made yesterday – I watched The Godfather in its entirety. Here’s the background, my mother and brother are HUGE Godfather fans. They used to watch that movie all the time while I was growing up. All the time. Yet, despite that, I was never interested and never bothered to ever really watch it. Because they watched it so much there were certain things that I knew from the movie (and the sequels), but I always resisted it. I resisted watching it for years and it finally got to a point where I was happy to say I’ve never seen it. (odd thing about me – i can often resist watching movies). But I love the genre of movies; one of my favorite movies is Goodfellas and I’m a huge Sopranos fan. But, had never seen The Godfather.

Until yesterday. 🙂 It came on one of my HBO channels so I decided I would watch it. It was good – and I’m not surprised. I know it’s a great movie. So, it was enlightening to actually know the story behind some of the things I knew happened as my family watched it so much. Now, I have to see the sequels.

And, in stitching news – I worked on palm trees most of the day. Here is my pic:

Late last night I started a project for Kalonji. I’ll probably post it later on. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!