Time Changes

You gotta love the time change – that gives me an extra hour to stitch!
It’s now 2 am (with the time change — 1 am) and I have a new update picture of my Geisha Girl. I have now put her away as I’m ready to move on to some of the projects that I have not worked on in awhile.

Though I have a screaming rotation, I have lately been feeling like I need to spread the love around, so have been working on several different projects. For the next round of stitching, I pulled out Tapestry of My Life, TW’s Noah’s Ark, TW’s Birth Announcement, Noah’s Sub and the Biltmore Esate. I think I will work on Tapestry of My Life next, but don’t hold me to it. Stay tuned to find out what I end up working on tomorrow!

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