Today is my due date

And, no baby yet 🙂

So, the day is almost over and there is no baby here yet . Neither is my brother’s baby here yet either. Now it will really feel like a waiting game as this date has been in my mind for months now! Just think, in less than two weeks for sure, our kids will be born.

In preparation, last night I started her webpage. It took me awhile to find a background that I liked and one that would go with our whole “jungle” theme, but I am very happy with what I did choose. So far, the page is just very basic, but I look forward to developing it further over the next few weeks. My next task is to do the “About Me” page for her. You can see the website at to see what it looks like right now.

And, then, as I was working on the page, I resolved my indecision on the birth announcement – I’ll be doing it myself! I designed a page to function as an announcment that I will email out to everyone once I get a picture of her up on the webpage and her birth details. Then, I’ll send someone out to Kinko’s to print out physical ones for those people that I’ll send it to via mail. I am very excited and it’s perfect b/c it will match the website! Here is the announcement template — of course, there is no picture and no birth details 🙂 — Kaleya’s Birth Announcement Template

Now I am thinking I need to develop a page for my brother’s child too. I would feel really bad doing all this for mine and not his when we’re both due to have our kids right about now! So, I am off to give him a call to see if he at least would like me to do a birth announcement.

Oh, and I’m still stitching on Madonna of the Garden. I am getting close to finishing her, so if I don’t have this baby before the 15th, I just might get a chance to finish this thing before the baby is born.

3 thoughts on “Today is my due date

  1. The web page looks great! I am deeply in awe of your organization. Can’t wait to see a picture of Kaleya. Bet she’ll be a cutie!

  2. Aww your website for Kaleya is amazing. I love the background I think it’s perfect.
    Kelley is right, she is going to be such a cutie!
    Good luck and hope all goes smoothly!

  3. The page and the announcement are beautiful. I can’t wait to see them full of pictures and information.

    I’m wishing you all the very, very best. I hope she decides to come an meet her mommy and daddy and brothers real soon.

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