Travelling Fools

We have spent the last two weeks or so away from home. Kaleya is going to be quite the traveller when she grows up!

In early November, we went to visit the boys and the rest of Kalonji’s family. Everyone loved Kaleya and of course the boys are all excited about being big brothers. Pictures are up . We also took our new family pictures again so we could inlcude her. The pic is not the greatest, but here we are in all our glory! Click on it to see a bigger version.


Then, we went to Memphis to get Kalonji all settled, so now we are back home. While we were in Memphis though, we went to Graceland. It was great. I started liking Elvis after watching Lilo & Stitch, so this was a treat. of course, I am now listening to a CD of Elvis hits all the time after having been through his house 🙂 The Graceland pictures are here.

As for stitching, I started a new project last week. Will get a pic up later. Now, let me go get some things done before the baby wakes up!

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