Trying to establish a schedule

you know, I feel like I’ve gotten so much done, yet gotten so little done! We have been home now a few days — we came home on Monday afternoon. Thanks to everyone for the great comments! I don’t have the time to answer back to each of you individually, but your thoughts are most certainly appreciated! I am going to print them all out for her keepsakes 🙂

So, here’s a picture of her on her first day home, and if you click on the pic, you can see a few more pics from this week — we went to the pediatrician’s office today!

But, all is definitely going well. We are just getting to know her and I am in awe everyday at her — she’s so precious! I can say that I don’t miss work just yet :-), but already know that the time will come too soon to have to return. Everyone from work has been just wonderful though! We have had so much food brought over we can eat for a week!

I have managed to get a few stitches in over the past few days, so maybe next week I’ll have some progress to report. My father and stepmother are coming to town this weekend for a visit, so expect more pictures soon.

6 thoughts on “Trying to establish a schedule

  1. She is such a little darling.

    Enjoy every moment with her and relish being her mommy.

    Oh, the photos are so lovely. You all look so proud of her.

  2. Taneya, your baby girl is just beautiful! I’m loving that I can log on and see new pictures of her often! 🙂


  3. You’ve stitched?! You make me sick. :p (I’m teasing, of course.) I can’t even take a shower, and here you are stitching. So glad she’s giving you a little more time than Luke is giving me. She’s just beautiful!

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