Two Sick Girls

Well, a lot has happened since my last post. Went to go pick Kaleya up from daycare on Wed and they informed me she had four diarrhea bm’s. When I took her Wednesday morning and shared that she continued to have diarrhea, they told me they could not take her b/c of that. Another kid in her room has been sick and Kaleya would have to be diarrhea-free for 24 hours before they can take her back. Also, Kaleya was definitely not her usual energetic self that morning, so I took her home and called the pediatrician.  Got some good advice from the pediatrician’s office, but guess who still has diarrhea? If she goes for more than 5 days, then I have to take her in as they will need to examine her for any signs of dehydration. So, we stayed home yesterday and today.

Then, guess who got sick last night? Moi! I have not been this sick in years and I’m afraid I may have the flu. I have vomited, have body aches, headaches, upset stomach and chills today. I feel better now having had some medicine, but I have not done much of anything -slept most of the afternoon. So, we are two sick girls this weekend……..

5 thoughts on “Two Sick Girls

  1. Oh geez – you poor girls!!! Sounds like a great opportunity to catch up on DVDs! Hope you are both better in time for your business trip! Poor Kalonji!!

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