Visit to Cheekwood

Today, my sister and I took Kaleya on a trip to visit Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art. We had a wonderful time! Neither of us had ever been there before so I can now check that off of my list of Nashville places to go. Of course, now that I have been there, I will keep my eye out for new exhibits and events.

We started off by seeing some of the scarecrows they have around the gardens.  They were scattered about everywhere,  so I tried to take a picture of them all. One of my favorites was not a scarecrow at all, but a scareowl.

Penny Joy the Scare Owl

The Train Exhibit was fun to look at and all the kids loved it. Shoot – this adult loved it too!  The structures erected were taller than we were, and the trains weaved in and out of the setup.

random train pic

There was even a Thomas the Train one! I of course had to stalk it down until I captured a good pic. My nephew Keon loves Thomas the Train, so this one’s for you Keon 🙂

Thomas the Train

Throughout the train exhibit, there were miniature reproductions of several historical Tennessee landmarks. The genealogist in me loved that! They had Union Station, the Alex Haley House, John Sevier’s cabin and many more, including Cheekwood itself.

Miniature of the Cheekwood House. Cute one car Ladybug train stopped in front of it.

In two places (that we saw) there were picture frames set up so you could take a picture against the beautiful backdrop. Of course we had to do that.

aren't Kaleya and I cool?

We then made our way up to the house which serves as a museum. We learned the history of the house and it’s family and were able to see the current art exhibits. The house is beautiful and the outside gardens next to it were gorgeous too with beautiful scenery. I could live here.

Kelli on the veranda
Me, Kaleya & Kelli
Kaleya and Kelli are oh so happy!

Thank you Cheekwood for a wonderful visit!

Of course, I took many more pictures than those in this post. See below for a slideshow: