Visit to the Dr.

Took Kaleya to the dr. this morning. She had been throwing up her formula last night and the night before last and it was really getting to concern me. She’s okay – doc says she’s got some reflux and gave me pointers on how to help her. Unfortunately, Kaleya also got her shots today and she did not like them at all! I too was almost taken aback and how they jabbed the needle in her leg — seemed worse to me this time than with her two month shots.. I don’t know. Anyway, she’s feeling better now and slept most of the day away.

I’m still stitching on Angel of Grace. I think I will move on this weekend and work on something else. I am really trying to make a concerted effort now to rotate more on my projects. However, I think I need to spend at least a couple of weeks on each projeect I work on so that I see progress. Since my stitching time varies so much now, it’s the only way I’ll feel like I’m getting anything done 🙂

I am going on my first business trip in a couple of weeks (first one since having Kaleya). Fortunately, it’s worked out that Kalonji will take a week off of work so he can come home and be with her. His mother will also come down while I’m out of town and that should be nice!

One thought on “Visit to the Dr.

  1. My Eve has reflux as well, she has since the day she was born. It can be a messy, smelly pain! I’m sure the doctor told you all the things I will, but here are my tips:
    Keep her sitting or propped up for a half hour after she eats. Let her burp herself, less will come out of her tummy if it’s not forced. If it seems like she’s really spitting up a lot, see if your doctor thinks it’s okay to start her on cereal a little early. I did that for Eve and it really helps keep more in her tummy. Roll a towel or small blanket up and place it under the head of her mattress so that she’s sleeping at a slight angle. Hope that helps!

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