Visit to the Sciquarium

The vacation adventures continued on Saturday, July 13th when Kaleya and I visited the Greensboro Science Center Zoo, Museum and Aquarium.  I visited with my aunt and cousin – as well as a friend and her daughter. We had a wonderful time!!!

The Aquarium part of the center, the “Sciquarium,” has only been open a few weeks and is a major draw for traffic right now. It took us awhile to find a parking space but it was well worth it. We started in the Sciquarium and then did the Zoo and other parts.  Who knew you could pet a stingray? I don’t think I’d ever seen a swimming cat before. And the penguins were just freakin’ adorable!

Taneya & Kaleya pose
Anaconda snake
Kaleya & E with an alligator

We were able to see tigers and tortoises as well.

Tortoises getting fed
Tiger looks like it’s coming for her doesn’t it?

At the end of the day, we were next to a park and my cousin wanted to go check out the paddle boats. She had fond memories of one of my now deceased aunts, Ella, having taken her out in the paddle boats and spending hours just enjoying the peace and quiet. Sure enough, we all ended up on the paddle boats on this day. I didn’t see that one coming! At first I was hesitant to get in the boat – questioning its ability to hold us all, but of course it did. Once on the boat, I settled in and just enjoyed being on the lake. I could definitely do that again.

view from the paddle boat

All in all, a great, but exhausting day. It was great to hang out with my family and friend. 🙂 More pics can be found here.