Visit to the TN State Museum

We stay fairly busy in our household and I’m behind in my blog posts. The next several posts will have information on activities we’ve done so far this month of September.

On September 3rd we took the kids to the TN State Museum to see the exhibit, Egyptian Relics, Replicas, and Revivals

Jihad in front of the museum.

Before going to that part of the building though, we of course took a moment to look around at the standing exhibits. We’ve seen them before since we visited back in 2008. Of all the things we saw, I was particularly captivated yet again by paintings of the Shackleford Family.  The intensity of the colors were just amazing.

James O. Shackleford
Sabina Metcalf Shackleford
James O. Shackleford Jr. & Gertrude Shackleford

And this one of the Turner Children.

The Turner Children

Then, we were off to the Egyptian part.  Jihad had been through it before with school, so we let him and Kaleya stay in the play area.

Kaleya is blurry, but I love Jihad's expression

Of all the items in the exhibit, I did have some favorites – they included some sandals, a ritual couch, a treasure box, and for fun, and Egyptian Lego set.

a ritual couch
treasure box
Egyptian legos

We had an good time visiting and I’ll have to keep my eye out for their upcoming exhibits.  Additional pictures from our visit are here.